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Welcome to the Production Medicine section of WMVS. WMVS has the equivalent of four doctors dedicated to production animal medicine and surgery. A complete array of health programs and protocols are designed specifically for each dairy, cow-calf or feedlot enterprise. Enjoy your tour
of our website and do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment if, at the conclusion of your tour,
you have unanswered questions about our services.

Dairy Reproduction Calendars
72, 48 and 56 Hour Cosynch
Double Ovsynch
G6G Hormone
Modified Double Ovsynch

WMVS Dairy Vaccine/Health Recommendations


WMVS offers ambulatory and in-clinic services scheduled by appointment. Our clinic facility is fully computerized with in-house laboratory and diagnostic equipment and a well equipped surgical suite. Trucking and unloading animals into the outside chute system or a barn stall is made easy because
of the expansive parking lot/load-out area.

The practice of production medicine and surgery by WMVS doctors places emphasis on current and effective health management programs for highly productive herds. It is our goal, as a member of
each farm’s management team, to be the primary source of up-to-date, evidence-based medical
knowledge and expertise and new or changing technological information. Herd visit appointments
are made with a specific veterinarian on a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly basis.

All non-routine services are provided by appointment. Animals requiring more immediate care will be scheduled at the earliest available time. After hour emergency services are also available.



Reproduction is the primary focus of food animal production. We offer consulting services to
recommend the proper repro program and the practical implementation of that program. The staff
veterinarians are highly skilled in pregnancy diagnosis, either via Tran rectal palpation of the uterus,
ultrasonagraphy or the Bio-PRYN Laboratory blood test.

“You are what you eat” is certainly true for the highly productive animal. We are closely involved
in ration issues with members of the feed mills or company nutritionists.

Quality Milk and Mastitis:
Programs are designed to affect herd somatic cell and mastitis problems. Our in-house microbiology laboratory has the capability to complete milk cultures to identify bacteria present and determine its sensitivity or resistance to specific drugs. We also have access to the extensive laboratory (DC PAH)
facility at Michigan State University, College of Veterinary Medicine.

Neonatal Disease Management:
Our calf management program helps to insure that healthy, properly growing calves will become productive adults in a proper time frame.

Vaccine/Bacterin and Immunology:
We have a general vaccination program available for the average farm. Custom programs for your enterprise, based on data generated, can be designed specifically for each farm.

Other Disease and Production Issues:
WMVS veterinarians are involved in Johne’s disease prevention, Bovine Leukosis prevention and
others. We are involved in building design and issues of cow comfort which influence production.

Zoonotic Disease and Public Health:
We take seriously our role in the human public health system. Our food animal veterinarians are
diligent in monitoring disease and are specific about drug residue withdrawal times for treated

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United States Department of Agriculture (www.usda.gov)
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